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Fragments Of Reality CD (album)


"Youthful and fresh, bursting with ideas and melody 'Fragments Of Reality' is a smorgasmbord of images and reactions garnered during life's most formative years. As debut albums go, they'll have to dig deep into their skillset to top this one." Powerplay Rock & Metal Magazine

“An inspired, energizing, professional and successful album perfectly fit to fill the fan of power metal. Indeed, with these 9 tracks managing to create a personal and unique universe composed by a group, that in the future, may become one of the undisputed leaders of the new European power metal scene” - Spirit of Metal


1. Rite Of Passage
2. Big Boys' Blues
3. The Social Network
4. Falling Sky
5. Delirium Disco
6. Business Suits You
7. Summer Bum
8. The Sea Of My Mediocrity
9. Only The Gods Are Lonely